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My Dream Home

My dream has been my companion ever since I started working. Since I have land, I have been saving so that I can start the construction. Now that I have saved enough funds, I’ve started the drawing a plan which will be useful to my architect to built on it. The home will be a single floor 4 bedrooms house. I am planning on a 3000 square feet home. I want my home to be totally Eco-Friendly.

The power to my house to be totally from solar energy. Hence I plan to set up three solar units. All bedrooms will have an air conditioning system. The kitchen will be very spacious as cooking is one of my favorite hobbies. I want to have a big garden outside, which I will use for planting organic foods, such as Organic Mangoes, Tomatoes, Cabbages something like the Garden of Eden as mentioned in the Bible. All the bathrooms should have one bathtub. I will ask my architect to be very particular about providing cross ventilation. There should be enough windows in every room so that abundant sunshine comes into each room. I also want to have a courtroom in the middle of the house.

It should be very spacious. I want to have a small cute garden there. The courtroom should be open allowing rainwater to fall there. Also I want to have a separate drawing room as well as living room. I want the roofing to be flat; so that I can do truss work above the same. Also if I want to add two or three bedrooms in the future if required. So there should be a staircase cabin from inside.

There should be a prayer space accommodated near to the living room. I estimate the total construction cost to be around 100,000  inclusive of all the furniture. Construction once started should hypothetically take a year. I intend to take loan on 75% of the cost, and the rest will come from my savings.