The Answer is Collaboration

Offshoring/oustourcing investments have helped Asian countries particularly China and India in their quest for economic development. This is a good thing considering that many people have now jobs that help these people in their daily lives.

Speaking of China and India, these two countries are often viewed as rivals in terms of economic development and offshoring options. This kind of attitude towards both countries should stop. This topic was discussed in the article For India & China, collaboration is the key. According to the article, instead of comparing and putting up with the supposed competition between these countries, India and China should work together because in this way, there would be bigger chances of growth on both parties.

The manufacturing industry in India is more knowledge-driven while China’s manufacturing industry is more scale-driven. Despite of that, both countries have similar needs like the need for huge energy requirements in order to sustain their economic growth rates. Despite of the potential for success, Indian officials are not unaware of the problems that their country has.

    Problems in the Indian outsourcing industry:

  • poor infrastructure
  • unmanageable deficits
  • slow flows of foreign direct investment
  • huge demands for skilled manpower

Both countries (India and China) have considered the possibilities of working together through the forums and seminars in their respective countries.

Thoughts and Insights

Having a partner could sometimes work to your advantage. This could be the insight that the experts want to pass of to India and China as they suggest that both countries should work together. This is a nice idea because these countries have really worked hard to achieve the growth and development they have right now thanks to outsourcing. Through collaboration, both countries could work hand in hand in making sure that they are bent on the road of success.

Collaboration Tools: What to Get?

Are you confused regarding what kind of collaboration tool are you going to apply in your project? Don’t fret! You are not the only one having this kind of problem in the world. In fact, every project manager seems to be saddled in the same kind of problem.

Instead of giving us choices, the different collaboration tools available today amkes us more confused because everything has its own place and role in project management. In the article entitled How to select collaboration tools, it presents us a little glimpse of the different collaboration tools.

The article presents us with three basic collaboration tools that are used today:

    3 Collaboration Tools:

  • e-mail option – it is a good way to communicate but it is not ideal for sharing large files or holding threaded group discussions.
  • wiki or HTML-based pages – this is beneficial because team members could post content online — and a blog for publishing employee commentary.
  • virtual-meeting technologies – this one of the benefits of modern technology in which employees could save considerable time and money with virtual-meeting technologies.

Once a person has decided what kind of collaboration tool to used for document management or paper-intensive projects, the next step is to evaluate the technical requirements of the products. Aside from that, integration is one issue to consider because one could use a combination of these collaborative tools.

Thoughts and Insights

Making a decision is always a tough process and it would be twice as tough if there are so many options available for a person. The best thing that a person could do is to consider every important detail before making a decision. Aside from that, making a decision should also be done in an organized manner because if it is organized , the chances of error could be eliminated and the risks could be contorlled or calculated. Collaboration tools is an important aspect of project management therefore, it should be dealt with caution and rationality.

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